Victory Shout

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By: Kenna T. West / Jason Cox
Producer/Studio: Jeff Collins / Horizon Records

Victory Shout
Kenna West / Jason Cox

There are troubles and struggles we've all had to
And we pray, cause it's all we can do
And while we trust in Jesus, sometimes He leaves us
Waiting, for his hand to move

Oh, But even in darkness we hold to the promise
There's nothing we can't overcome
So that war you've been fighting will end in God's
Sing, like the battles been won

Can you feel it the song that is rising
Then you can't help but let it out
If you're trusting in faith
Even now while you wait
Lift up a victory shout

Though you may not yet see it, you can believe that
The work has already begun
Know that's God's up to something, a miracle's
Rejoice like its already done

Sing (sing) sing hallelujah
Sing (sing) sing hallelujah